Solving the World's problems, one Rum Cocktail at a time.


We are a social group of guys that enjoy sipping rum, drinking rum cocktails, seeking out Tiki Bars, touring distilleries and anything to do with rum culture. Based in New Orleans, our members come from all over the country and converge during Mardi Gras to parade and celebrate.

Drinking Rum before 10am makes you a Pirate, not an Alcoholic
— Earl Dibbles Jr.
A social soiree at the Ace Hotel to unveil our 2018 Signature Cocktail.

A social soiree at the Ace Hotel to unveil our 2018 Signature Cocktail.

About R.U.M.

R.U.M. stands for "Really Unsophisticated Men".

We get together and wear top hats and our signature red smoking jackets but we are usually only wearing pajamas or our underwear. For more on membership, go here...

Signature Cocktails

Each year, we come up with recipes for our "Signature Cocktails". Check out our recipes here...


Field Trips

We love tasting rum, whether at local bars, on road trips or at distilleries where they actually make Rum. Learn about our trips here...

The original four founding members

The original four founding members

We March!

We are a sub-krewe of Krewe Delusion, which marches on the first weekend of Mardi Gras, following Krewe du Vieux Parade. Look for our Krewe and our signature, custom made throws. Read more about our parades here...


Proclamations & Throws

We throw some very unique items during our parades. Learn more here about what we throw and what you can get when you come to see us parade.

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Rum Quotes, Memes & Toasts

Be a Rum expert, learn Rum Quotes and toasts here...